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Case Study: Strengthen Your Recruiting and Hiring Processes/Introduce Change: The Challenge

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

When this organization’s Recruiter was brought onboard, the Company’s hiring process was

fragmented, and inefficient. Previously using no platform to track recruiting measurables, the

team had to turn to spreadsheets, emails, and their Outlook calendars to navigate through their global hiring. The Company was conscious to budgets, however, their antiquated ways of recruiting and hiring proved costly. Much time was spent posting roles individually to a variety of job boards. As a result, the team was wasting time and still struggling to attract candidates. The Company’s manual process also resulted in a poor candidate experience. This impacted their employee attraction and eventually retention.

The Employer:

- Committed to holding themselves accountable to their mission through improving their

recruiting and hiring processes, they began discovering new hiring resolutions. The

organization did their research and selected Foundations Talent Group for its decades of

expertise, robust transformation experience, and their proven strategic process


- Aligned with Foundations Talent Group and through many interviews, focus groups and

meetings, Foundations Talent Group gave them solutions that are insightful and

effective. We delivered and then some! Foundations Talent Group streamlined the

Company’s processes and extended their reach.

End Result?

Foundations Talent Group helped add consistency and compliance to the

Company’s hiring practices by making the management of applicants, interviews, and candidate data secure and flowing. Processes were designed, training of the processes were conducted and acknowledged, and a new era for this Company begun! Furthermore, Foundations Talent Group went the extra mile and created something for this organization they never seen or had before, their very own branding and marketing campaign to attract, hire and retain their employees!

Foundations Talent Group has 30+ years’ experience in Human Resources and Talent Acquisition. Foundations Talent Group has served global fortune 100 organizations and many others in deadline driven staffing for new production lines, staffing for time-sensitive expansions and has pulled other organizations out of very dismal deficits with their skills and expertise in the recruiting space, deficits that would jeopardize the Company’s contracts and obligations with their customers!

Not only did the Company’s candidate pool improve, but the selection pool improved retention by being enabled to hire qualified candidates and not settle.

Foundations Talent Group not only goes straight to work on your process foundations, but offers their wide array of expertise to fill executive roles, those hard to fill roles all the way over to your mass hiring needs all while providing you a personal touch with the lasting relationship that will be built.



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