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Case Study: High Number of Employees Needed to Acquire and the Lack of Resources

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

One of the top global steel service providers in the world have grown to become an organization with more than 45 sites situated within the United States and throughout EMEA, with over $800 million in sales, and poised to nearly double in size within the next 5-7 years, they were in desperate need of a recruiting strategy. Furthermore, the current climate of growing within COVID times, proved daunting.

The Employer:

- Was faced with three major expansions at once, two within the states and one in


- Needed to staff their key management ahead of the launch of the expansions. Some

were hard to find openings which included Project Managers with specific engineering

backgrounds, Business Development candidates with unique operations expertise and

all levels of safety and general management.

- Never previously used an Executive Search Firm for staffing, but due to the urgency,

they decided to partner with Foundations Talent Group. They made this decision due to

the high number of critical employees they needed to seal the contract and gain the

business to expand. The knowledge, skills, abilities, and education of the needed

employees was vast and would require expertise in talent acquisition and recruiting.

There was a deadline of three months to set up and deliver a total of 12 critical

leadership new hires for the three locations that were expanding.

End Result?

Foundations Talent Group went to work immediately by first conducting strategic launch calls with key members of each of the hiring teams and analyzed the requirements needed. We partnered with the Company’s corporate human resource department, working closely with them to make sure we were not only providing quality applicants, but also ones that would fit with their world-class culture.

We sourced in very creative ways including, we conducted weekly social media blasts, virtual careers fairs, applied our expertise and connections in headhunting, utilized our deep library of proven candidates along with many other tricks of the trade! The teams were quickly presented with more candidates than their schedules allowed, and they were conducting interviews within two-three weeks! Within five weeks of the start of the project, Foundations Talent Group was able to provide seven of 12 employees needed during this challenging time. It was not just the quantity of new staff members, but also the quality that we were able to deliver.

Within close to 2.5 months of the start of the project, Foundations Talent Group was successful in providing the remining five employees they needed with an additional find they needed for another location! That’s a total of 13 new hires within close to 2.5 months’ time and ahead of schedule! Just to mention, several of those placed were hard to find roles too. The Company was successful in being awarded the proposal to acquire new business and their growth plans accelerated!

Our unique and successful set of skills in recruiting and talent acquisition and over three decades of expertise makes us the clear choice for your mid-level management, professional and executive staffing needs.



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