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Case Study: Protect Your Bottom Line: Defending a Claim

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Employee termination can have you walk that fine line; it must be managed with prudent

movement, great competency, and expertise these days. We had a case within a global

organization where a substantiated termination was conducted, and the employee filed a charge with the NLRB on the claim of discrimination and wrongful termination. The employee sought damages of more than quadruple her salary. Foundations Talent Group participated in immediately resourcing a proven legal resource through our library of relationships, attended all legal conversations, sat at the mediation table alongside the employer for advisement and next steps actionable items; we managed the flow and the entire process for the employer. We were able to take the entire process away from them so they could continue focusing on their growth.

The Employer:

- Provided a strong case and presented more evidence than they were able to imagine,

including their initial investigation witness statements, along with copies of the

employee’s door swipe reports, etc. Without this key evidence and experience behind

this situation, their case would not be as strong.

- Presented reports from the employer’s time and attendance system that clearly showed

where the employee changed their own swipes to gain additional compensation for


- In the conclusion and after the hard evidence was heard, the employee admitted to their


End Result?

You would think there would be some sort of settlement correct? Most times, believe it or not, there is exposure for many reasons. There was zero settlement in this case and the charge was overturned by the National Labor Relations Board! This was due in part to

the concrete evidence presented.

Foundations Talent Group provides small to large businesses with the proven expertise,

assessment, and the advisory support needed to establish a strong foundation to properly and effectively deal with employee terminations and avoid the potential for costly exposure. Let the 30+ years of expertise in Human Resources guide you.



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